Dr Faustus – in Original Pronunciation
Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare’s Globe
Sunday 22nd May at 16:00

As part of the celebrations marking 1616, Passion in Practice returns to the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse for the third exploration of original pronunciation, to present a staged reading of Marlowe’s Dr Faustus.

The Faust Ensemble
Emma Pallant – Mephistopheles
Aslam Husain – Dr Faustus
Jennifer Jackson – Angel
Alex Boxall – Angel


Ben Crystal
Rob Gander
Alasdair Hunter
Helen Foan


Drawing on their last two years’ exploration of the playhouse, original pronunciation, and the practice of a returning company of players to Shakespeare, which of these new-old tools  can apply to (and what new ones can be learnt from) the man who was Shakespeare before Shakespeare?

Come and brood with us in the dark, magical candle-lit glow of the Wanamaker for a reading (in original pronunciation, of course) of Marlowe’s dark and magical brooding of the fiery soul.

First performed at Henslowe’s Rose, this staged reading will follow the text of the play published in 1616 which has some additional scenes by Rowley and others. This will be the Company’s first experiment with Marlowe in OP and will take place in the candlelit glow of the Playhouse.

The staged reading was followed by a Q&A with Professor David Crystal, Ben Crystal and members of Passion and Practice’s creative team.