Macbeth in OP – July 2014. Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, Shakespeare’s Globe

The Ensemble were invited to mount the contemporary world premiere of Macbeth in Original Pronunciation. A world-class ensemble of actors specially trained to replicate the working dynamic of Shakespeare’s indoor stage.

The Macbeth Ensemble
Weyard Sister Diana Kashlan
Weyard Sister – Daiva Vaiciulyte
Weyard Sister – Helena Puska
Macduff – Colin Hurley
Lady Macduff – Natalie Thomas
Hecate / Movement – Jennifer Jackson
Banquo – Will Sutton
Duncan – Hilton McRae
Rosse – Aslam Husain
Young Siward – Adam Webb
Lennox – John Hogg
Porter – Warren Rusher
Murderer /Seyton – Matt Mellalieu
Murderer / Captaine – Thorvald Aagaard
Fleance – Nick Wakly
Lady M’s Gentlewoman – Joan Walker
Old Man / Dr – David Crystal
Malcolm – Alex Boxall
Lady M – Katrina Allen
Macbeth – Ben Crystal

Co-produced with Rebecca Atkinson Lord

Roberta Brown – Fight Choreographer
The Askew Sisters – Music
Eric Rasmussen – Advisor
Rob Gander – Dramaturg
Sam Amidon – Composer
Mike Manganello – Master of the Stage

Here’s a write-up by The Shakespeare Standard



December 2014

macbeth-49 tanner street-0495Following their sell-out staged reading at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at nearby Shakespeare’s Globe in July 2014, the Ensemble gathered in London in December.
They restaged their production in 24hr
s without having rehearsed their scenes together, speaking the words to each other for the first time in front of their audiences (not all the cast were from the July reading).

This was a limited attendance, full production of Macbeth, for two nights only, and the world contemporary premiere of Macbeth in OP.

The Tanner St Macbeth Ensemble
Weyward Sisters: Daiva Dominyka, Helena Puska, Katrina Allen
King: David Acton
Malcolme: Alex Boxall
Donalbaine: Adam Webb
Captaine: Solomon Mousley
Soldier: Matthew Mellalieu
Rosse: Aslam Husain
Macbeth: Ben Crystal
Banquo: Will Sutton
Lady Macbeth: Emma Pallant
Gentlewoman: Joan Walker
Fleance: Nick Wakely
Macduffe: Alex Blake
Porter: Warren Rusher
Lennox: John Hogg
Doctor: David Crystal
Lady Macduffe: Natalie Thomas
Hecate: Jennifer Jackson
Siward: Adam Webb

Original music: Catherine Groom, Richard MacKenzie
Weyard Sisters song composition: Hazel Askew
Assistant Director: Nathan Markiewicz
Stage Management: Christine Shäffer, Saskia Smit, Hilary Crystal

With thanks to: Polly, Rosie, & all at Tanner St; Adam Sibbald at Shakespeare’s Globe