What You Will: Celebrating 400 Years of Shakespeare
British Council at the Middle Temple
The British Council began their celebrations for Shakespeare’s 400th legacy year with an event marking the first performance of Twelfth Night: Or What You Will.

On the 2nd of Feburary 2016 Professor David Crystal, Ben Crystal and the Passion in Practice Ensemble celebrated the language of Shakespeare showing that it is still alive and well in our present-day mouths, ears, eyes, and hearts  all around the world.

With excerpts from Twelfth Night, this performance lecture was broadcast live on the internet from Middle Temple Hall in London (where the play was first performed on 2 February 1602).

The Middle Temple Ensemble
Emma Pallant
Adam Webb
Owen Oakeshott
Matthew Mellalieu
Jennifer Jackson
Aslam Husain
Warren Rusher
Alex Boxall
Ben Crystal

With thanks to Katrina Allen for making the Word Scroll






Photography: Frank Noon Photography