July 2013 at Jacksons LaneIn June 2013 we ran a week long workshop at Jacksons Lane (a multi-arts venue in a converted church) in Highgate, London. The workshop was led by Ben Crystal and was a further exploration of themes and techniques worked on previously.

Returning Passion in Practice actors Diana Kashlan, Jamie Harding, Jaskiranjit Deol, Natalie Thomas, Warren Rusher were joined by Owen Oakeshott, Anirudh Nair, Emma Pallant, Kate Burdette, Nana Amoo-Gottfried, Charlie Dupré and Sean Garratt. Will Sutton travelled over from Amsterdam to run his Sonnet Workshop at the end of the week.

Building on the foundations of our 2010 workshop as an original practice experiment (putting trust in Shakespeare as a writer, director, company actor, and master dramatist) we pushed further with the work and constantly discovered new ways of looking at the text.