The foundation of Passion in Practice’s physical work were exercises Ben developed¬†from studying with Complicit√©, Monkika Pagneux, and Annabel Arden in 1999.

He adapted the sticks exercises for Shakespeare over the 2000s, first to build Ensemble and encourage grounded, simple play; then as a tool to allow for character exploration¬†within the world of Shakespeare’s plays.

These exercises were further developed with Rob Gander at the University of Reno, Nevada, then with Passion in Practice, with the actor and movement director Jennifer Jackson, with The Shakespeare Ensemble, and have been taken on and redeveloped in schools, theatre companies, and community & professional acting workshops around the world.

Photography by Scott Wishart and Aslam Husain

Actor and Master of Movement, Jennifer Jackson, discussing the Sticks during rehearsals for Pericles: Recomposed