henry-v-rehearsal-28Henry V in OP – August 2015

Following a sold out performance in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse as part of Globe Education’s Shakespeare Inspired season 2015, Ben and the Ensemble returned to the beautiful Tanner Street Loft. With a few minor cast changes, they once again restaged the production in 24hrs.

The production began with a Gala performance night of nibbles and drinks, opened with a David Crystal talk. The production ran for three performances and was the world contemporary premier of Henry V in OP.




All photography by Aslam Husain


The Henry V Ensemble
Warren Rusher – Exeter, Henry’s Uncle
Alex Boxall – Gloucester, Henry’s Brother
Sean Garratt – Boy
Will O’Hare – Archbishop of Canterbury / Duke of BurgogneMatthew Mellalieu – Archbishop of Ely / Duke of RambursAdam Webb – Constable of France / Captain Mackmorrice David Crystal – Captain Fluellen
Hilton McRae – French King / Captain Jamy
David Hywel Baynes – Dolphin, Prince of France
Thorvald Aagaard – Duke of Orleance
Ben Crystal – Henry V
Diana Kashlan – Katherine
Daiva Dominyka – Alice, her Nurse
Anirudh Nair – Mountjoi, the French Messenger
Jennifer Jackson – Hostesse Quicklie / Queene Isabel
Will Sutton – Bardolph / Captain Gower
Montgomery Sutton – Pistoll
Drew Ernout – Nym
Solomon Mousley – Lord Scroope / Michael Williams
Ian Peterson – Earl of Cambridge / John Bates
Rhael ‘Lionheart’ Cape – Sir Thomas Grey / Alexander Court



Ben Crystal – Master of the Play
Rob Gander – Master of the Booke
Mike Manganello – Master of the Stage
David Crystal – Master of Pronunciation
Hazel Askew – Master of Music & Song
Will Sutton – Master of Sonnets
Jennifer Jackson – Master of Movement
Sean Garratt – Master of Clown
Taz Burns – Master of Shadows
Helen Foan – Master of Shadows
Dr Jonathan Hope – Master of the Infernal Machine
Eva Marie-Kung – Master of the Caffeine
Halina Stapen Webb – Master of the Purse
Warren Rusher – Master of the Company

Kate Bellamy – Poster Art







Tanner Street Ensemble, August 2015
Matthew Mellalieu took over from Will Sutton, and Colin Hurley took over from Hilton McRae

Rehearsals at Tanner St and the Jerwood Space, July 2015