Late at the Library: World Book Night celebrates Shakespeare

British Library
Saturday 23rd April at 19:30<

As part of the celebrations marking Shakespeare’s 400th legacy year and World Book Night, Ben Crystal and Paul Blezard hosted an evening’s entertainment in the British Library main foyer, featuring special guest Graeae Theatre and Big House, with stars Sir Trevor MacDonald and June Brown, Professor David Crystal, poet John Agard, and new poem commission by Lionheart; performances of speeches and scenes from Shakespeare’s canon performed by the Passion in Practice Shakespeare Ensemble, live music and a DJ set.

Photography by Scott Wishart; Puppetry by Foan & Fortune; Shakespeare Karaoke by Will Sutton & Saskia Smit; Music by the Askew Sisters; final mash-up by Steve Fly; DJ set by Muzz Khan; Shakespeare characters by Natalie Thomas, Katrina Allen, Marie Fortune, Helen Foan, Warren Rusher, Aslam Husain, Alex Boxall, Adam Webb, Solomon Mousley



Main Stage Line-up


Ben Crystal

David Crystal



Foan & Fortune

Sir Trevor McDonald OBE

June Brown MBE


The Big House Theatre Company

John Agard

Graeae Theatre Company


DJ Muzz Khan


Around the Library Foyer


Caliban & the Booke

Shakespeare Karaoke

Human Sonnet JukeBox

Sharing Sofa

Secret Shakespeare Characters:

Gaoler’s Daughter

Richard III







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