Pericles: Recomposed

January 29th, 2015

Bringing together a group of artists from the UK, Europe, India, and the US, the Pericles Ensemble had two days of rehearsal before being joined by a Chamber orchestra, three hours before their opening performance.

A world premiere in three different ways:

– A modern iteration of Shakespeare’s Company
– A modern iteration of the accent his actors spoke
– A new version of Vivaldi’s masterpiece

First performed at Daniel Harding’s Interplay Festival at the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Berwaldhallen, Stockholm

The Shakespeare Standard reviewer Louie Woodall, accompanied the Ensemble and documented the experience in three articles.
Part 1Part 2Part 3

Louie also reviewed the performance


Shakespeare’s Pericles spoken in the Original Pronunciation, underscored by Max Richter‘s Four Seasons: Recomposed, played live by the Trondheim Soloists with Daniel Hope.

(Original Recording c/o Deutsche Grammophone, featuring Daniel Hope, Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin, André de Ridder)



The Pericles Ensemble

The Trondheim Soloists
Daniel Hope, violinist

Gower, the Chorus   David Crystal

The Kingdom of Antioch
Antiochus, King of Antioch   Hilton McRae
Hesperides, Princess of Antioch   Diana Kashlan
Pericles, Prince of Tyre   Ben Crystal
Thaliard, servant to Antiochus   Anirudh Nair

The Kingdom of Tyre
Helicanus, councillor to Pericles,
later Governor of Tyre   Owen Oakeshott
Escanes, councillor to Pericles  Solomon Mousley

The City of Tharsus
Cleon, Governor of Tharsus    Owen Oakeshott
Dionisia, Governess of Tharsus   Joan Walker
Leonine, servant to Dionisia   Solomon Mousley

The Realm of Pentapolis
Three Fisherman  Owen Oakeshott, Solomon Mousley, Aslam Percival
Simonides, King of Pentapolis   William Sutton
Thaisa, Princess of Pentapolis   Natalie Thomas
Marshall to King Simonides   Alex Boxall
Lychorida, Thaisa’s Nurse   Diana Kashlan

The Land of Ephesus
Cerimon, Lord of Ephesus   Anirudh Nair
Philemon, servant to Cerimon   Alex Boxall

Late Pericles   Hilton McRae
Late Thaisa   Joan Walker

The City of Tharsus
Marina   Jennifer Jackson
Leonine, servant to Dionisia   Solomon Mousley

The Port of Metaline
Bawd, a Brothel-owner   Natalie Thomas
Pander, husband to Bawd   Anirudh Nair
Bolt, servant to Bawd   Warren Rusher
Lysimachus, Governor of Metaline   Aslam Percival

Diana, Goddess of Women   Diana Kashlan

Other Lords, Pirates, & Messengers   the Ensemble


Master of the Play Ben Crystal
Master of the Booke Nathan Markiewicz
Master of Pronunciation Professor David Crystal
Master of him Hilary Crystal
Master of the Sonnets Will Sutton
Master of the Company Warren Rusher
Master of the Room Aslam Husain
Master of the Ensemble Jennifer Jackson
Master of the Physiks Anirudh Nair
Master of the Sticks Natalie Thomas
Master of the Stage Saskia Smit

 Pericles: Recomposed
Featuring L’Arte Del Mondo with Daniel Hope

Savannah Music Festival

Tuesday 5th April 2016, 6pm EST


The Savannah Music Festival hosted Passion in Practice’s re-staging of the tragedy of Pericles, Prince of Tyre, for one night in Savannah, Georgia, USA.

Underscoring the play with Max Richter’s reworking of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Recomposed, featuring the German orchestra l’arte del mondo led by Daniel Hope, the evening’s event transcended the normal theatre going experience.

An enthralled audience laughed, gasped and cried, glued to the magical experience happening onstage as the Shakespeare Ensemble led the Musicians, the Musicians led the Ensemble and the moments when both worked together created something surprising, unique, magical.

Photos below of the Pericles Ensemble in rehearsal. Choreography by Jennifer Jackson. Photography by Will O’Hare.


Gower, the Chorus 

David Crystal 

The Kingdom of Antioch 

Antiochus, King of Antioch 

Natalie Thomas

Hesperides, Princess of Antioch 

Daiva Dominyka

Thaliard, servant to Antiochus 

Jennifer Jackson

The Kingdom of Tyre 

Pericles, Prince of Tyre, later King

Ben Crystal

Helicanus, councillor to Pericles,
later Governor of Tyre 

Montgomery Sutton

Escanes, councillor to Pericles 

William Sutton

The City of Tharsus 

Cleon, Governor of Tharsus 

Warren Rusher

Dionisia, Governess of Tharsus 

Claire Warden

The Realm of Pentapolis 

Three Fisherman 

Colin Hurley, Will O’Hare, Daiva Vaiciulyte

Simonides, King of Pentapolis 

Colin Hurley 

Thaisa, Princess of Pentapolis 

Natalie Thomas 

Lychorida, Thaisa’s Nurse 

Daiva Dominyka 

The Land of Ephesus 

Cerimon, Lord of Ephesus 

Daniel Beaulieu

The City of Tharsus 

King Pericles

Hilton McRae


Jennifer Jackson 

Leonine, servant to Dionisia

Will O’Hare

The Port of Metaline 

Bawd, a Brothel-owner 

Daniel Beaulieu

Pander, husband to Bawd 

Montgomery Sutton

Boult, servant to Bawd 

David Hywel Baynes

Lysimachus, Governor of Metaline 

William Sutton

Diana, Goddess of Women 

Daiva Dominyka

Other Lords, Pirates, & Messengers 

the Ensemble


with thanks as deep as the Seas we sail in, to Hope, Rob, Erin, Nate, & all at the SMF

produced in collaboration with the Savannah Music Festival, l’arte del mondo

original pronunciation based on the research of Prof David Crystal

co-produced with especial care by Alex Boxall & Warren Rusher

master of movement Jennifer Jackson

master of the play Ben Crystal